Friday, July 6, 2012


We love garlic.  For the past few years we have been growing and harvesting our own heads of the luscious allium.  This year we have enough to sell to others, store for us to last the year(we use on average 2-3 heads a week)and enough leftover for seed stock to increase our plantings from 600 head to closer to a thousand heads.  We harvested the first bunch yesterday  they look large and lovely.  They now need to cure for a week or two in the carriage barn and then the will be cleaned up and trimmed for sale.  We trim the roots cut of the top unless they will be braided and the dirt and outer layer of skin removed.  We have 10 varieties and of course many of them are purple.  Can't wait for the ripening tomatoes to come in so we can make Shari's great bruschetta and try a recipe we found for roasted garlic tomato sauce using six heads of garlic in each batch!

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