Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lavender Honey

This weekend we had family visiting from out of town and decided to show them how honey is collected from our hives.  As I wrote earlier we have been hoping to harvest a honey that was decidedly lavender honey.  Bees can travel up to three miles for nectar but they are insects of opportunity and will fly to the nearest source, especially if it is plentiful.  I pulled a few frames for company and the color was right.  It wasn't the deep orange of clover honey but light yellow, barely a tint of color.  I had never had true lavender honey before but my sister-in-law had traveled to New Zealand and sampled lavender honey there.  She pronounced it truly lavender in taste.  To my joy and utter delight the taste was flowery but not overpowering, a taste of camphor but not cloyingly so.  So in the next few weeks as we harvest , process and bottle we will have lavender honey available for purchase.

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Celia Lindsell said...

I sell the most divine Lavender Honey which is harvested in the lavender fields of Provence, France. It really is one of natures finest. See HERE