Friday, April 6, 2012

We just re-potted tomato seedlings today in the greenhouse. These will  be for sale after Mother's Day. We have assorted heirloom tomatoes and varieties we like here on the farm. Purple Cherokee, a classic heirloom, Black Krim, a dark medium size tomato with wonderful flavor and great for sauce. Tommy Toe, a golf ball sized tomato larger than cherry tomatoes. We dehydrate these to use throughout the winter. We have a limited number of these plants to sell. These are the same seedlings we plant in our own vegetable garden. If anyone is interested let us know and we'll set some aside for you!
The other picture are our lavender cuttings we began last fall.  These too will be available for sale this year.  We are very excited that these babies survived the winter in the greenhouse. Now that we know we can successfully grow our own cuttings, we will be ramping up production of these this season adding other varieties that will be available next spring!

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