Sunday, April 29, 2012


Ahhh Spring!
The anticipation, the planning, getting  the spade in the ground.  Our weather has been unseasonably warm.  You crave to place seeds in the ground earlier than you should then the next day a cold snap ruins all your work.  Today and the next week as projected it looks as things are finally getting to the point of true spring and planting.  Our order of onions are coming and the bed is ready, and turned over. 1500 onions not much by some standards but more than we are used to and it is exciting.  Nothing thrills us more than raising our seed stock this week we transplanted melons, and peppers and are excited to move them out to the greenhouse this week.  We have a few French varieties that are supposed to be amazing. Charentais and Noir de Carmes.  I am thinking about our apples which suffered through a freak snowfall earlier in the week and pray that we have some apples to enjoy this fall.  The apples lead me to thinking about our one old pear tree which is a remnant of the old farm growing in the middle of a just as old apple tree.  I stumbled across it last summer about a week too late to enjoy most of the fruit, we ate about 1/2 dozen of them which were pure ambrosia.  Small little pears with a taste almost like almond paste.  It is on my list to make sure to keep an eye on them to enjoy more of them this year.  So far except for some bed preparation and weeding it is hurry up and wait.  I must remember that soon enough we will be too busy to stop and enjoy everything happening around us. So I can enjoy the moment, revel in the greening of the world around me and the promise of the fruits of the land to come.

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