Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Canary in the Mine

Back in the early days of coal mining,  miners would take caged canaries into the mines as warning signals to toxic gases and dwindling oxygen.  When the canary died the miners knew they were in trouble.  Today we have the same problem and the canary has died but people are ignoring the signs.
Our honeybees are dying in massive amounts throughout the country(colony collapse disorder CCD).  Hive after hive is left empty with bodies of dead bees strewn across the ground. Research has shown it to be mainly the result of agricultural chemicals that effect the bees(neonicotinoid insecticides ).  These chemicals had the same effect in Europe and were banned and the honey bees are returning to pre-exposure levels. In our country companies continue with business as usual waiting for the government to tell them you can't use these chemicals anymore. Why haven't these chemical companies been called to answer for this?  Our government and the companies are too concerned with making money.  How short sighted they all are.   Like the death of the canary, the death of the bees are a foreshadowing that something is wrong in the ecological balance of our environment, yet the powers that be fail to see.  You only have to look closer to home to see troubling problems with our society and I think you can justly infer that that we are not just poisoning the bees but ourselves as well.  Cancer rates of children has increased over the past 20 years.  You hear of more and more food allergies among people.  The government not only allows chemicals in our food system but decides what levels of chemicals can be in our food with out ill effects.  Who wants chemicals in our food in the first place. Prescription drugs are found in our drinking water.  We are getting chemicals and poisons bombarded at us daily with no one looking out for us but ourselves.  If you heed the canary, you'll start making changes.  Buy organic food, put your dollars where your family's health can benefit from.  Look at removing toxins in your own environment, from laundry detergent to pillows and mattresses.  You will feel better, eat better and you may just save your own life.

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