Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dandelion Fields

I grew up in the suburbs. Each lawn mowing season people would spray, pull, cast chemicals to kill and eradicate the lowly dandelion from their carpets of green.  Out here on the farm a more beautiful site takes place.  Farmers before they plant the first crops of spring, before they till over their sod, you can see acres of yellow headed dandelions.  Field after field, growing as it was meant to grow.  The benefits of the lowly dandelion are many.  It provides nourishment for bees and other pollinators in the early spring. The deep tap roots loosens soil. If your are so inclined it makes a nice bitter salad green as well. 

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jen said...

i don't understand why people hate dandelions so much. i love their bright happy faces. i blow their seed heads so that they spread in my lawn. the pollinators love them. they're good for the soil. you can eat them, make jam and wine from them. what's not to like? why is the pursuit for the boring, useless plain-grass lawn so integrated in our society? thanks for the post.