Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall, Another Season Done

Well we have begun to rake the leaves, plant our garlic, and make sure the lavender is ready for the winter.
It is always a bit sad as well as a relief that another season of lavender is over.  Now we change gears.  After getting the fields to bed for winter we look to plan for our next growing season.  We turn to more cerebral work. We make our plan of attack for what we will focus on for the next year.  What new varieties are we going to try?  What changes will we make to the farm?  During this time there is a certain sense of excitement in the planning, the building, and the dreaming of what we envision.  That vision is not just a field of plants but overall what do we want our farm to look like?  What does it represent to the visitors that walk our fields?  Most of all it is our home.  What do we want our home to be?  So, we will snuggle by the fire with our dreams and visions, watching the snow fall, and waiting for those first flower buds to poke their way through next summer.

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