Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall, and future plans

A neighbor from down the road just plowed our front field for us.  It is an area where my farm equipment (or better said, my plowing expertise - which is limited) couldn't work over.  We have wanted this to be laid out in lavender but we are still not sure how it will be developed.  Should our future farm store go there?  How about our greenhouse?  Just have it filled with lavender? Just sunflowers or lavender and sunflowers?  The area is large and will be a great calling card for the farm being up by the main road.  We could fit all those things in that area and still have a good amount of lavender to harvest.  We could easily plant another 1000 plants there.  For now we are just thinking and planning and trying different ideas in our heads.  That is what the Fall and Winter are for....planning and dreaming...

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