Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apple Cider Days

I spent a good part of my summer waiting and preparing for this day.  Harvesting trees full of red juicy orbs made from sunshine. Crushing these into nectar defines fall - apple cider.  Friends and family all participated in stripping our trees bare and then crushing and pressing the apples into cider with everyone taking home apples to eat and a gallon to drink.  We made cinnamon frycakes to eat with the fresh pressed cider.  Our friends John and Anne loaned us their apple press which made short work of the apples albeit not without a bit of our own perspiration.  All those that attended had a good time. it was the perfect day weather wise.  As we were pressing the apples ones mind couldn't help but recognize how this was a great way to gather friends and enjoy the harvest days.  One of life's simple pleasures that our ancestors did for their own survival and we as modern enlightened humans have lost.  We go to the supermarket buy a gallon of ultrapasteurized apple juice and call it cider.  For nothing more than mass production, and making the buck, we have lost touch with what it means to live from the land, to enjoy our friendships, and to slow down our hectic life and breathe.  To breathe as humans aligned with the world we live on not the world we live in. Not the 9-5 rat race, but Mother Earth that gives us the air we breathe, the water we drink and the nourishment we need.  Here's to you Mother Earth, I raise my glass of cider to you.

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