Monday, August 2, 2010

Market Days

Going to market isn't so much about making a dollar or two, but educating our customers what to do with our products and how the different lavenders we grow can be used for different things.  This also enables us to get the word out that next year we will be open for u-pick.  We found that people are really intrigued and want to know more information like which lavender is more aromatic, how the different varieties each have their own unique scent, which ones can be used for cooking, and which ones are better for potpourri.  We had a sample of our own lavender mustard on hand and we received rave reviews! Many of our customers said, "I didn't know you could cook with lavender!" We are letting people know that there is more to lavender than just the "munstead" and "hidcote" varieties and that lavender can come in colors ranging from the darkest purple, to pink, to white.  We try to open their eyes to the possibilities and uses of this amazing plant Lavendula, lavande, lavender.

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