Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mate, Partner, Wife

This farm is a lot of work.  Mind you, we're only part-time farmers.  This is not our full-time employment, but there is more work than "you can shake a stick at it" (whatever that really means).  All this wouldn't be feasible, possible and especially doable with out my wife and partner.  Not only does she help to weed, sow, harvest, dig, plant and all the other things we do, she believes in this dream that is our farm.  It is "Our" dream and "Our" farm.  If both of us were not committed to this venture it wouldn't work  We wouldn't get as much done and we wouldn't have has much fun. It is fun, all the work and effort we appreciate at the end of the day when our farm is beginning to show the signs of the vision we share.

Thank you Shari, wife, partner, believer in crazy mid-life dreams!
Your husband

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