Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lavender's Allure

People ask me why lavender?  Why plant lavender and not other crops especially for selling.  Well, my first reason for growing has nothing to do with trying to make a profit.  Most growers don't get into it for profit.  Sure we hope to make money growing lavender, but the flower's fragrance is captivating. The flowers are so varied from variety to variety.   Once you see the differences you won't settle for just a variety labeled "English Lavender".  Folgate one of my favorites, grows in this neat mound that looks so perfect. The dark buds of Gros Bleu or Purple Bouquet are almost electric!  The fragrance of grosso or better yet Impress Purple is a bit of heaven and really shows the varieties not just in color or shape but also aroma.  Sit in a field of lavender and watch the honeybees gather nectar and you begin to get a feel for why this flower has captivated people for millennia

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Bella Rosina said...

Here in Oregon we are blessed with a plethora of lavender farms with great summer festivals. The Oregon Lavender Farm grows Impress Purple and I agree that the color is spectacular!

As a lover and grower of lavender I completely agree with you. The allure of lavender is one of magic and captivation and it seems very few people are immune from wanting to grow this breathtaking beauty.