Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well I spent the past few days working on some recipes to turn into recipe cards for farm mkt sales.
I am pretty pleased with the results and the online printing firm is exactly what I need for my small scale work.  I use "Overnight Prints".  What I like about them is I can create small batches of print items and upload my artwork modified just as I need.  For instance I wanted a small tag for our bundled lavender.  So I sent in an artwork design that uses the business card size as a template when they arrive I cut the cards in half 2 cards for the price of a business card.  They are on nice card stock with a waterproof ink.  Most printing firms print the business cards for a song so it is an inexpensive way for me to print till I get up my production to a size where I can afford to print.  My recipe cards are beautiful with rounded edges and a picture of the item on one side and the recipe on the other.  It really takes my creative bent to the extreme.   I take my own picts and develop the recipes.  Attached is a pict of the creme brulee.

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