Saturday, February 6, 2010

Still Winter

This morning as we went to feed the horses we remarked we could still feel winter in the air. The past few days of 3o degree weather felt refreshing but last night it dipped back into the teens. The frustrating thing with growing things is that you have to wait for the next growing season. Yes it gives you a chance to plan, fix, repair, prune, trim, rethink everything from the previous season and yes it allows you to rest a bit maybe. But each coming spring I get that itch for the growing season to begin. Maybe it is all the seed catalogs that come in the mail. Or the planning of the vegetable/herb gardens that get me dreaming of those warmer months. Well my thoughts are turning more and more towards my work project(check it out on my other blog: ) This project I hope will work for our community. If it works like I think it will it will be a wonderful learning and growing experience for the families that participate.

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