Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why Lavender?

Lavender is an amazing plant with medicinal, culinary and aromatic properties unlike any other plant. Legend has that Cleopatra used oil of lavender to lure and beguile Caesar and Mark Anthony. Romans used it to scent their baths. Egyptians used lavender in mummification. Queen Elizabeth the I demanded that she have it grown on her estates and insure she had fresh lavender at her beckon call. It has been said that if you place a few drops essential oil of lavender on your pillow before bedtime it will help to give you a restful sleep. It can be used for migraines, as an antiseptic, to ease stress, help acne and depression. In cooking you can use it in baking, cooking and grilling. The list of its uses goes on and on. At Purple Dog Lavender Farm we will be growing other herbs to blend with our special lavender. We also have bee hives that we are maintaining to provide lavender honey. What was a former hay field is now the beginnings of the first farm in the Fingerlakes dedicated to the production of beautiful fragrant lavender

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