Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It is winter and all our plants are covered in a dusting of snow. Hibernating till spring.
Purple Dog Lavender Farm is a dream that began in my mind years ago on a trip to Northern Japan. While riding on a train to Sapporo on the northern island of Hokkaido I saw fields after fields of flowers. In a brochure I read about a farm that planted lavender some years ago. Hokkaido is on a similar latitude as the Fingerlakes of New York state. I thought if the Japanese can grow lavender successfully why can't I. My business partner had some acreage and his wife was so thrilled with the concept they donated their land as a test plot. Last spring (2007) we planted 200 lavender plants and this spring we plan on planting an additional 500 maybe more. Our goal is to develop a farm large enough for you to come and pick bundles of fresh lavender in our fields. We are presently growing six different varieties and plan additional varieties this spring. We will be initially selling our products in local farm markets until we can open our fields to you.

Please check back to see our progress and feel free to ask questions!

Doug Schmidt

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