Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lavender Labyrinth

The second spring on the farm we decided to create a labyrinth in memory of my oldest brother who passed away.  It was quite a project and that winter some of the plants were too exposed to the wild and crazy King Ferry winds and died.  Some grew back and the past two summer drought conditions didn't help matters.  This spring, though not real wet, has given the lavender enough warmth and moisture to green up beautifully.  This year we ordered some replacement plants from our favorite wholesaler, Stonegate Lavender in Oregon. The labyrinth is going to be stunning this year as are many of the changes we have in store for our customers this season.  We are working furiously to get the farm ready for a wedding amongst our lavender in June.  We are also working to get the gypsy wagon completed.  The walls are up and hopefully this week we will get the roof on. Everything thing on this farm is a labor of love, but this time of year the planting, and pruning, as well as all the other spring farm work, can be a bit overwhelming. In the midst of summer though we will remember it was all worth the effort. Remember to check here and Facebook for upcoming events and activities on the farm as well as what we are harvesting.

The scent of lavender is just a step away at Purple Dog Farm.

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johanna said...

woh I hope to see pictures when they are in bloom