Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gypsy Wagon Update

Now that spring has sprung, we are beginning to get more work done on our farm store gypsy wagon.  Recently we finished making the form that will be used to bend and laminate the rafters.
The form will receive 12 foot long strips of ash that will be glued up to create our rafters for the wagon.  After they are laminated we will run them through the planer to even them up.
The other part of the wagon we have been working on is repairing the stained glass windows that will be used for the dutch door on the wagon.  These windows, donated from a friend, needed a few pieces of glass replaced and Serviente Glass in Ithaca was gracious enough to advise us on how to make the repairs and supplied us with the glass and other components.
Next, it is on to working on the walls and getting the rafters in place to receive the roof.  If all goes well (and that is mostly dependent on the weather) we hope to have it done by Memorial Day.
Windows repaired and cemented

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