Saturday, October 13, 2012

Farm Store Project

Reading style vardo

Our winter project is to build a small farm store to help us sell our wares by the road.  We wanted something unique, an eye catcher and have settled on building a gypsy wagon, or otherwise known as a vardo.  We procured an out of print classic volume on the history of English gypsy vardos or caravans and designed a version to fit our needs.  It will be about 14 feet long and six feet wide and will hopefully be completed by the spring.  We found an old 1930's farm running gear to add a bit of the character we were looking for.  We will post the progress of the project here through the winter.  The first steps were to strip off the rust and prime and paint the running gear.
Rusty arrival
new coat of primer
Satin black coating ready for the deck

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