Sunday, September 30, 2012

Creamed Honey

I have read online and in beekeeping books the steps to making creamed honey. I thought I would try it sometime.  Well I guess I don't have to wait.  For those who have never seen creamed honey it is not quite as it sounds.  Creamed honey is made by a slow crystallization of the honey. Typically the crystallization process is aided by seeding regular honey with a bit of creamed honey to start the process and then the honey is placed in a cool place to continue the process.  After we closed our roadside stand for the season we left a few jars in our hoophouse and we forgot about them.  Yesterday lo and behold we found the jars and noticed the honey was all cloudy.  I opened the jar and sure enough we had a beautiful jar of lavender creamed honey.  My guess is the cool 40-50 degree nights that we have been having were just right to make the process take place.  The beauty of creamed honey that I never appreciated before is it makes it so easy to spread.  If your toast is a bit warm the honey melts back into liquid honey too.  Just so good!

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