Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Honey

Well we have harvested and extracted more honey.  My wife and I were trying to define the taste.
Sweeter? Maybe. flowery? Isn't all honey from flowers?  So all we can say is that it is a definitely a different flavored honey.  I didn't think I would be able to tell the difference.  But the lavender flavor really comes across.  As I wrote earlier we have four hives.  Each hive has four supers, these are the boxes that hold the honey comes and each super holds 8 frames of comb with a total weight of somewhere between 25-30 pounds of honey per super.  Even with harvesting a minimum of one super from each hive, you can do the math on the yield of honey we are looking at having.  We will be selling this by our roadside stand as well as at the King Ferry Winery Farm Market.  Golden nectar, mmmm, so good!


Christine said...

Could I buy some from you at school this year?

Doug Schmidt said...

Christine Absolutely!

Christine said...

Excellent! Looking forward to it!

Diane Zahm said...

Hey Doug!
Got the honey Anita had you send me for my B-day. Great stuff (and I LOVE the jar)! Complete mystery as to where it came from and what a surprise to learn of its origins.