Friday, July 20, 2012

Grading Garlic

We grow our own garlic.  Many of the things on the farm are things that we enjoy and grow so much of that we sell the extra to visitors or at our roadside stand. It doesn't mean that they get our family cast-offs.  Above is a picture of three heads of garlic all the same variety.  The one on the right is what we use for seed stock.  We look for uniform large size heads for our seed stock.  The one in the middle is what we sell to our customers.  A uniform size head not quite as large as our seed stock, though once we have enough seed stock any extra is sold by the road.  What we eat at home is the smaller head on the left.  These are the runts, the garlic that may be misshapen, too small to sell.
Though small they still taste delicious.

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