Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Chores

Every year we seem to underestimate spring. We forget all the work that gets done to get ready for the growing season. Planting seeds, raising transplants, tilling beds, making beds for the new transplants,  along with weeding, mowing, digging, fixing, raking and any other thing that needs to happen.  Our family garden is now finished with an addition of eight new raised beds.  We are trying out raised beds to alleviate and control some of our weeding chores. We have created eight, 50 ft long beds outside the main garden for growing more things to sell by the road.  We have planted 30 tomato plants almost the same number of peppers. We have over 250 feet of beans, both for dried beans and green beans. Three varieties of onions and four varieties of melons.  We still haven't finished cleaning up our lavender beds and with the unseasonably warm weather they are starting to flower almost a month early for us.  On top of all that if you have read the previous posts you know about our new bees and the orchard maintenance.  So this weekend while mowing, the radiator sprung a leak on the old gal, a 1952 Ford 8N.  So I am working on fixing that in between weeding lavender and oh yes selling the last of our vegetable plants by the road.  Now to just find time to till and plant sunflowers!

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