Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Batch of Bees

Came home from work went to mow the orchard and what to my surprise  was in a tree, another swarm of bees.  I don't know if it is typical, or just that our apple trees still have blossoms on them so they look enticing to the bees.  What ever the reason I was able to cobble together another hive to deposit this second swarm into.  We now have four active hives on the farm and now I guess that makes me a sort of an inadvertant beekeeper.  I had only wanted one or two successful hives to give me a bit of honey and sell the extra to friends and family.  To my chagrin the four will eventually produce much more than we can consume and I will now have to focus on managing these critters a bit better.  Up till now I have had a laizzez-faire attitude about them if they survived great if they didn't oh well.  Now the potential for lavender honey as just doubled!

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