Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Potting Bench

Last summer we picked up some used greenhouse tables for the greenhouse on Craig's List.  They were 10 dollars each not bad for something that goes for $45-65 new.  We also needed a workbench to work at for cuttings and re-potting plants.  So I went out to the scrap wood pile(there always seems to be a scrap pile on a farm) and built a great work bench using for a top one of the greenhouse tables which is a molded high impact plastic.  It's great no rot, no mess and at 8 foot long it gives a lot of work area.  It is great even for two people to work at but more than that and forget about it.  So over this spring break I made a 2nd one for the greenhouse. Just the right height for us and a small edge across the back to keep trays and top from slipping off. I find it so convenient and it pleased me that it was so practical using recycled products.

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