Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Last year's tomato plants started by students

We have always been bothered by the inability of the poor to obtain good fresh food.
As a teacher I began a program at our school which hopes to address this issue in our community.  Now coming into its 3rd year it is called FATT, Food at the Table.

What is FATT?
We are a group of elementary age students in Upstate New York, who after seeing the movie FOOD Inc. are looking into ways of helping the less fortunate in our community have access to good healthy food.
Our group FATT ( Food at the Table) hopes to answer the needs of our community, We have developed a plan to help feed the needy with fresh healthy produce.

How will this be done?

1. Encourage people to plant vegetable gardens
2. Those that have gardens encourage them to plant more than they need
to plant and give the extra to those in need (mainly the local food cupboard who has already been contacted.  They do take fresh produce which is often in short supply and would be greatly appreciated)
3. Students will plant seedlings in the spring and distribute to participating families.

Crops to Grow
We will be growing a limited amount of crops that are easy to grow that can also be very productive for the family. We will supply and have the children research and write up the planting guides for this project. The students will develop garden packs that each family will get to jump start their garden

We are looking to have participation of 50-100 families which in turn could generate food for another 50-100 families through the foodbank.

The past few years we have had about 20 families involved.  This year we are trying to procure donations of more than seeds.  We would like onions and potato stocks as well.

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