Sunday, May 15, 2011

Farm Work

We are in the process of getting ready for a hoop house.  A hoop house is the standard greenhouse most growers use now.  Galvanized steel frames covered in plastic sheathing.  These hoop houses come in a variety of sizes, are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional greenhouses.  We found one on Craig's List nearby that is larger then we anticipated in getting, but the house was about half the cost than if we bought it new.  It also had extra bracing to withstand our winters and wind.  We had to take it apart to transport it to our farm and we are getting ready to haul it over.  Now we have to prepare the ground to receive the hoop house.  We have to level the ground and dig holes for the 24 posts.  This will be the home of our cuttings as we begin to propagate our own lavender.  The next step in our plan for the farm.

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