Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recycled, Scavenged, Repurposed

What we are constantly finding out on the farm is how can we use things we already have for other uses. We have taken wire off of fences and bent into landscape stakes to hold down the landscape fabric around the lavender. Old wire mesh made into a compost sifter.  We are always finding things to reuse if not for practical purposes maybe for decorative use on the farm.  Under the carriage barn I found an old stack of wood planks that haven't seen the light of day for the last 50 years.  Some of these will be transformed into an outdoor table to enjoy on the deck we built last summer.  The rest will be used for other pieces of furniture to be used on the farm.  At present we are working on dismantling a hoop house to reassemble here. 27 by 48 feet means a lot of nuts, bolts and pieces to take apart and move.  The hoops alone, which come in two pieces, are each over 16 feet long.  First we take it all apart and then we have to transport it back to our farm for setup.  What we initially thought would be a weekend project will be, more than likely, a few weeks project.  What has amazed us in our community is the willingness to help; the willingness to share resources.  Our neighbor plowed our field for us just because we needed the help.  The man that I bought the hoop house from has volunteered friends and family to help us take it apart and move it.  When our horses escaped their pasture last weekend neighbors and strangers stopped to help.  Even if our politicians can't set their differences aside and work together, community and help for the greater good is alive and well and living in rural America.  I am glad we can be a part of it.

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