Saturday, August 14, 2010

Partner, Mate

I mentioned this just a week or so ago, about all that happens on this farm would not be possible without my wife.  This week that was put to the test.  Shari had to help her son get back to college in Colorado.  They drove out from New York with things to help fill his apartment.  That left me alone to take care of things on the farm.  "No problem"  I said.  After a couple of days though it has become quite clear it takes more than just one person to keep things afloat here on the farm.  If it wasn't summer with time off from teaching, I couldn't have kept this up for long.  Besides the daily chores of feeding horses, dogs chickens, there is harvesting and maintaining the garden, getting the roadside stand filled with product, canning the bounty from the garden, let alone mow the pasture, weed the lavender, mulch the labyrinth and fix what ever needs fixing.  These past few days has helped me to appreciate my spouse even more. To appreciate her not just for her two hands and back to help in the work around the farm, but for her company and conversation and smile making this a home, a life our dream.

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