Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting Ready for Harvest

This is our second year at this farm and our plants are looking
wonderful! We have 1300 lavender plants - 600 planted last year and an additional 700 this year.  We have an old carriage barn with a high
ceiling and we use the 2nd floor to dry the lavender but getting the
crop up the rickety steps can be a chore.  While looking online we
found out that on some English lavender farms they use canvas bags to
hold their lavender after harvest.  Convenient, light, and strong,
they can easily hold many bundles and transport more lavender than
wooden lugs.  The canvas bags also allows us to use a pulley to hoist
the bundles to the top of the carriage barn.  So, this weekend we made
a prototype bag that could probably hold at least 75 bundles.  We used
a ticking fabric and added handles with grommets.  We think these will
be perfect for harvesting our crop this year!


Gail said...

wondering how the lavender labyrinth is coming along~It sound like a beautiful and loving tribute. gail

DKSchmidt said...

The lavender labyrinth is coming along well. The hardest part is waiting knowing it will be a couple growing seasons before it will be in its full glory! Thanks for the interest.