Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well my apple trees are looking good with little insect damage and I am trying an organic spray called "Surround" which is actually kayolin clay.  A fine ground white clay that bugs get all over them when they walk on it.  It also cools the tree in the dead of summer and hides the red apples from bugs that look for the juicy red orbs.  Only problem is you have to spray it on each time the rain washes it off.  It is easy to apply and like no toxicity. If it works well, it will be my mode of operation for my trees.  The book in the margins is my bible for my attempts in this orchard. Phillips is amazing and leading the pack in this field of organic apples.  I'll let you know as the season goes on how well it works.  I had a nice little package arrive today!  I have been looking for French galvanized flower pots that don't leak and I finally found them.  They were relatively cheap too.  I purchased these from Koyal Wholesale,
We are using them for our display at farm markets to hold our lavender and sunflowers.  They should look just beautiful, now should I leave them as is or paint them nice colors on the outside? Hmmmmm...

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