Monday, May 17, 2010

Lavender is Planted

We finished our planting weekend.  It is amazing how much slower things seem to go this year.  Was it just because we planted 100 more than last year's planting? Who knows?  Well our labyrinth is in.  I planted a lavender labyrinth to honor the passing of my eldest brother.  It was a way for me to heal from the loss as well as to give something to my sister-in-law who of course feels that loss even more.  It turned out better than I could have hoped for and look fwd to the day when it is all full and in bloom.
It took about 300 Folgate lavender plants to fill the labyrinth and then we planted another 400 behind the rows we planted last year.  Summer growing begins!


Amrita said...

I'd love to learn more particulars about your lavender labyrinth. We are in California and hoping to create one on our property this year. What style of labyrinth did you choose? How large was it?

DKSchmidt said...

Our labyrinth is 54 ft in diameter. I designed it, sort of a blend of classical and contemporary. When you first enter the labyrinth you have a long walk around the outer edge which settles you before making a turn. We used string and spray paint to mark it out on the grass then, cut it with a rototiller we then laid down landscape fabric. We
have decided to lay mulch down as well.