Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day!

The storm that blew in last night was like my snowstorms of my youth. 4-6 foot drifts of snow all around.  We had to feed the horses today on snow shoes.  The fire is roaring in the fireplace, a cup of joe by my side.  Snow day for me from my regular job of teaching, but that doesn't mean I am doing nothing at home today.  Bringing in the firewood making sure the animals are tended, get dug out of the snow. with a 200 foot driveway that is a lot of digging.  Luckily we do have a plow guy that will get here sometime I imagine when he gets dug out.  This is good as it gives me a chance to make an entry.  The lavender is nicely buried which I prefer as it insulates the plants from the high winds we have had and keeps them a bit protected.  The snow is that puffy snow that sticks to the branches on the trees and makes it such a winter wonderland.  The dogs and the horses are loving bounding and running through the snow.  The kids playing in the snow, hot tea, apple crisp in the oven, red cheeks, warm fire.  The simple pleasures of life.

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