Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Garlic

Well after the wedding, and some family emergencies we were able to settle down and get back to the farm. We had a wind storm come through blew out a couple windows in the carriage barn, squirrels are taking our black walnuts trying to store them everywhere for their winter and our chickens are molting and off laying as we move into the dark days of late fall, winter. We planted our garlic the other day and are excited to see the results next spring. We eat a lot of garlic and have never tried our hand at this. We collected a variety of garlic from friends and the farmer's market. One variety from a dear friend is purported to be from a family that has held it in their family for the past 200 years! I can't wait to make that one one of our family's standard bearers too. It is beautifully streaked with purple. Another variety which we forgot to write down its name is streaked with gold stripes, both very pungent as well as beautiful. We grew sweet potatoes this year and were amazed by how different they grow from potatoes. Ours grew almost straight down and had difficulty digging them up without breaking. We planted two varieties "Georgia Jet" and "Centennial". The Georgia Jet variety came out a ruby red and so striking when we pulled them from the garden. These are keepers for next years garden plan. The Centennials were sporadic in their growth. We made a dish with kale and sweet potatoes from our garden which was just delicious which I will post later on.

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