Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lavender buds, bees, zukes and cukes

Well the lavender is in and we have vigilantly watched to see how it is thriving , or not. We scout for weeds growing that would choke the life out of our new recruits and stray buds that we pinch so the plant will put all of its energy into growth development. The bees are happy in their new home and Shari and I almost have all our plants and seeds into our new 30 x 60 ft garden. I finished designing and building the gate and arbor for the garden. Tomorrow we will finish planting some beans and that will be it for the garden till weeding, watering, more weeding, bug prevention and all the myriad of maintenance chores begin which will be I think starting on Tuesday this week! We planted rows of sunflowers by the road. For one reason who can resist a field of sunflowers and second, we don't have any lavender to show so at least this will make a statement. As soon as the school year winds to a close I will begin painting the house which will be quite a job but will yield quite a transformation too.

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