Sunday, May 18, 2014


We love mushrooms.  A year ago my wife bought me a present of a box of grow your own mushrooms.  It was fun but didn't yield many.   So this year I bought some mushroom spawn, (not seeds, but the way that mushrooms reproduce) from an outfit in Washington.
We go through at least a pound a week in a variety of mushrooms, so anything we can do to reduce the money spent will be well worth the effort.  Shiitake mushrooms are a healthy choice as well as many of the stir-fry dishes we make have them as the mushroom of choice.  We like the meaty texture of these mushrooms as well.  I'll post more picts as this project progresses.  Today it will be inoculating the log with the spawn. Then I have 6 months to a year till I get a yield but the logs will yield for 1-2 years.

Spawn on the wood dowels

Prepping the log for the dowels
Hammer them home with a rubber mallet

The log in the forefront is plugged then sealed with wax.
The one in the back is plugged waiting for the beeswax to seal it.

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