Saturday, December 21, 2013

Paleo, Vegan, Pescatarian, Anti-inflammatory, Where to go?

The Grain Brain is a book on the top of the book charts lately.  It supports the latest fad of diets pertaining to the paleo diet.  The diet is geared towards what the paleolithic humans of the world ate.  No grains, no starches primarily.  In our kitchen we are constantly trying to balance what we eat with the latest information for health out in the data world.  What to eat what not to eat could drive you absolutely up a wall.  For every positive report their is a report to refute it.  We have tried to strike a balance based on repeated research verified from different sources.  If different sources are saying similar things based on different research it is probably a good bet that there is some truth in the assertions.  Our take on things?   Eat mostly plant based diet, eat healthy nuts stay away from processed food and red meats.  We basically stay away from all meats except for fish.  If you would ask we have a rationale for it all.  One book that was fascinating in its laymen's description of how cancer and inflammation works in our bodies is "Anti-Cancer A Way of Life"  It explains how sugars feed the cancer and our cells.  In a class I taught called "You Are What You Eat"  We looked at food pyramids that are on the net.  Asian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, South American.  We looked for what they all had in common to make personal choices for our eating.  Most had grains, fruits vegetables and nuts at the bottom of the pyramids. Red meats were at the top of all of them in small portions as was added sugar.  A recent article in Business Insider speaks to all the diet fads and the research out there. "What Gluten Really Does to Your Brain"  mentions that "When a person advocates radical change on the order of eliminating one of the three macronutrient groups from our diets, the burden of proof on them should be enormous. Everything you know is not wrong."  Use common sense and verified advice that gives you not what you want to hear but what truly makes sense.  We avoid red meat not because we don't love it.  It is totally because of my heart health concerns and more reports have proven that red meat is a concern for heart patients than evidence to the contrary.  So we have eliminated that from our diets.  Most medical research has shown walnuts and almonds have good benefits to heart health.  My cholesterol and bloodwork numbers support those claims.  We try to eat mostly seasonal foods.  We do have our top 3 or 4 vegetables which are pretty much staples in our diet.  Kale, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts.  Garlic, pepper, turmeric and onions are other staples in our pantry and in most of the dishes we prepare.  All have been proven to be good for the heart and our diet.  So the bottom line for us is  most things in moderation, grow what we can and eat that.  Eat seasonally and minimize  or eliminate processed food where ever possible.

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