Saturday, August 24, 2013

Farm Store Hours

We stay pretty busy on the farm.  Most weekends we are on the farm doing some chores, painting, fixing, feeding animals.  If you cruise by the farm and see a car in the driveway and want to visit the farm store but the doors are closed, you will see a sign on the wagon saying ring the bell for help.  We have a school bell on a post near the wagon.  Just ring it and we will come running to open the store.
It is that easy.  We have the last of our lavender honey in the shop. Our orchard is looking great and we may have some apples for sale in October too.  The wagon will be hit or miss during the week as one of us heads back to teach in September.  We are usually home at night so if you are in need of anything stop by or message us on Facebook.

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