Friday, November 16, 2012


I started carving the supports of the undercarriage.  I stopped at my favorite woodshop (Pittsford Lumber) and picked up a beautiful Swedish antique carving gouge to help with the job.  I then proceeded to roughly cut the ends of the cross supports into the design I envision.  Four carvings on each of 8 crosspieces made for a long Saturday.   Next step is to secure these to the main beam support and I will sand the curves once they are in place.  A friend donated enough oak boards from a tree she took down on her land years before which I will mill to be the flooring for our caravan.
I read, research and peruse the net for images and details that will make this a unique carriage.  Look enough online and you will find that the true beauty of these wagons are in the details.  As I think about that I realize this project is just beginning.  I have many more things to acquire and many new skills to learn.

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