Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New Seeds

With the new year fast approaching Shari and I decided to get a jump on our seed ordering for the next growing season.
We try to narrow our selections down to a few sources.  This year we are going to have a good crop of onions to sell by the road, try our hand at salad greens and I could not help but order this one winter squash.
Sibley Squash
(Cucurbita maxima) (aka Pike’s Peak) Obtained from an elderly woman in Van Dinam, IA who had grown it for more than 50 years in Missouri. Introduced by Hiram Sibley & Co. of Rochester, New York in 1887. Superb Banana squash with thick sweet flesh. James J. H. Gregory found it simply “magnificent.” Hard-rinded, inversely pear shaped, excellent keeper. 110 days.

This rare squash purchased from SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE, is a bit of my hometown history.  I grew up in Rochester and my mother took me shopping at Sibley's.  They closed a few years back like many of the family owned stores.  So for a nod to the past you will be able to try this squash next fall.  Look for it at Purple Dog or put in a preorder! 


bonnienault said...

I can't wait - it looks beautiful!

bonnienault said...

Can't wait to try some!