Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Farm Thanksgiving

We begin with the usual fare.  A turkey, vegetables, pies and such.  Our turkey is free range, raised organically.  This is our one piece of meat this year.  We are recently pescetarian (no meat except for fish) for health reasons, but we haven't been able to shake the last vestige of carnivorism - the holiday turkey.  Maybe next year we will forgo the turkey, but for this year we plan on savoring every bite.  Pies are some old standbys - apple and my mother's shoefly pie.  We run out to the chicken coop and gather eggs for the baking which includes a buttery brioche, cursing ourselves for not stopping by our dairy farm neighbors for some of their butter and cream.  Maybe next year we will remember to do that.  We gather carrots, lettuce and beets from the hoophouse and sweet potatoes from our harvest this year.  Then the cooking and baking begin.  We do love the preparations, the chopping, sauteing, discussions, music playing in the background. We spend about 2 days in the kitchen laughing and cooking.  Thanksgiving is not so much the cooking and the eating but for us it is a review of the past year, a small respite in work around the homestead and looking at our blessings, family, friends. We look at our bounty, of gifts both from the land and what is present in our lives.  Our blessings are more than money in the bank, and a roof over our heads. "Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship."Buddha    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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