Friday, March 13, 2009

A Day on the Farm

We have been busy getting settled on the farm. We have been getting the lay of the land, where will the lavender have a windbreak, is it too wet here, to exposed there. Shari bought me a beehive for the farm and we have to figure out were our little pollinators will be going, by the orchard or by the lavender or somewhere in between. With this we are also looking where to put Shari's horses which we hope to have on the farm by the end of the summer. All this and painting the house, fixing the carriage barn, planting the vegetable and herb garden. When is there time for a glass of wine and a sunset? Oh I'm sure we can find time for that.

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Des said...

Best wishes on your new farm. I am also in zone five, near Woodstock, NY and I would like to plant an acre of lavender and have some bees as well.